Boarding | Daycare

Daycare & Boarding

All dogs are required to have the following shots:


Yearly Booster (Distemper)

Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

Supervised by our trained daycare attendants, dogs that pass our evaluation and have been spayed or neutered can enjoy burning off some energy with other dogs matched with their size and temperament. 

Daycare is offered Monday-Saturday

*$25.00 convenience fee for early drop-offs or late pick-ups outside of our normal business hours*

**Now offering transportation for existing customers to and from our facility.**

Boarding? What should you bring? Here is a list of things to bring for your pup while staying with us:

  • Food
  • Treats
  • Medication (If needed)
  • Bedding (If you wish to bring bedding be aware that it may not make it home in one piece) 
  • Favorite Toy (Please limit toys to 1-3)
  • Leash/Collar/Harness

Please do not bring any dishes! We have plenty!

If your pup runs out of their own food, or maybe you left it on the counter, we will provide them with our house food at $1 per cup of dry food / $2 per can of wet of food.


With anything we do at Beck 'n Call Pet Care, we strive to provide the best possible care and stress-free environment for your furry companions. doggy daycare boarding pet boarding and pet sitting Moses Lake Soap Lake Ephrata

Doggy Daycare


Evaluations determine which pack your dog fits in best. Some dogs may go back in forth between packs depending on their energy level and age. 

Evaluations up to 2 dogs - $25.00

Evaluations must be completed prior to daycare only. If you wish to board your pup, an eval will be done the first day of their boarding visit. They do not need to come in prior for an eval. 

Evaluations are scheduled by appointment. The evaluation will be completed as soon as staff is available. Owners are not allowed in play the group area as dogs tend to act differently with their owners and may become possessive, which can result in disrupting the pack.  If you wish to check on your pup during play group hours, please check out our Facebook page for lots and lots of photos! 

Any dogs who are inactive in daycare for more then 30 days

must be re-evaluated at owner's expense.

If your dog doesn't pass their initial evaluation DON'T panic we will work with your pup in private daycare. Private daycare is designed to build your pups trust and confidence that is needed for group play! We strongly suggest your dog attend private daycare at least 2-3 a week. 

If your dog is boarding with us and has not had a prior evaluation, we will conduct their eval the first day of their stay, unless otherwise requested. 

Benefits of Group Play



Dogs are pack animals by nature -- prior to domestication they lived in packs. Even now as man's best friend, dogs still enjoy hanging out with other dogs. However, many dogs don't have canine companions at home to run and play with. Going to day care with other dogs while their humans are at work gives today's dogs that opportunity. There is a side benefit for a dog's human companions: Dogs attending day care learn how to interact with other dogs. This means your canine friend may be a better-behaved pup in public when he meets other dogs.


A dog left in his kennel for eight plus hours while you are at work isn't getting exercise during the day. Dogs attending day care participate in a variety of activities that keep them stronger and more fit. Most dog day care facilities have outdoor pens for dogs to romp and play. Some have swimming pools, which is particularly attractive for older dogs suffering with arthritis.

Calmer At Home

Your dog attending day care will be a calmer companion at the end of the day. He's been busy all day and most likely he's a bit tired. He hasn't spent the day waiting for you to come home. He hasn't been bored, which is one of the main reason dogs misbehave. A tired dog, like a tired child, goes to bed without a fuss and sleeps through the night.

Less Mess At Home

When your canine friend is at doggie day care, he is also doing his bathroom-related business there and not at your house. Even well-trained dogs will leave "deposits" in their kennel if left there all day. Having to wait to relieve himself is stressful for a dog. At day care, he can go whenever nature calls.

Your Peace Of Mind

Many human companions feel guilty during the workday when they must leave their canine pal behind. When Fido attends doggie day care, you can take comfort knowing that your pup is in a safe environment. He is hanging out with doggie day care workers who will be watching, playing and giving your pup love and attention throughout the day.


Time-outs are a necessary tool in every daycare. We use them to correct bad behavior or fixations, such as: Excessive barking and running, mounting, or unresponsive to commands. Dogs are crated or kenneled for a minimum of 5 minutes or until they have calmed down and can re-enter group play.